Sunday, 27 March 2016

Amazon to cancel all orders of Moto G Turbo edition!!

As a technical glitch, Amazon have provided a coupon code to users for booking Moto G Turbo Edition with whooping discount.
The handset priced at 12,499 rs on the ecommerce website, were purchased by the users for 4,999 rs with approximately 7,500 rupeees discount. The discount was given after the users apply the code ‘GYJQJ3YW’

Although its not the first time when Amazon is facing such a problem, many a times earlier the website have given codes for which the orders will get cancel automatically in future.
Their is a controversy that ecommerce websites do these things as publicity stunt and to increase footfall on their website. Last month a court have slammed Snapdeal a fine of 20,000 rs for cancelling an order of a customer because of pricing error
Many other bloggers have accused that these things were done to rank better and get free promotion of their products. Snapdeal and Amazon were the primary suspects who do these type of things again and again.
According to our information as after chat with the customer care, we came to know that all orders of Moto G Turbo Edition are going to cancelled.
Amazon Official Reply:
Thank you for staying connected. We have just received an update stating that the promotion is not a valid promotion. As it was a 3rd Party promotion and due to a technical glitch the code was accepted on There as an update stating that the existing orders would be cancelled. The orders that were dispatched would be called back and would be returning back to us by the courier. I agree that this promotion code got accepted on due to a glitch, but then I see that this promotion was never mentioned on It was only mentioned on a different medium.