Saturday, 26 March 2016

How to spy on WhatsApp messages from Pc or mobile (Android and iPhone)

Would you like to spy on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages? Do you want to find out if someone else is spying on you? Here is a complete guide to spy on WhatsApp messages and how to protect against spying attempts.

You can spy on someone’s WhatsApp in several different ways, both for iPhone and Android phones. Here we look into the technique of Mac Spoofing – the main strategy of spying for WhatsApp through another phone. Eventually, we will find out how to use the Web WhatsApp to spy on other people from your PC.

Because there is the application, the phrase “How to spy on WhatsApp” is one of the most searched on Google. The reason? Well, you can imagine the answer. Boyfriends, children, wives, and husbands – all categories of users have their “good reason” for wanting to read the messages of another person. On the net, however, there is false or inaccurate information that can lead to malfunctioning of the application.

Spying on WhatsApp conversations is not difficult, but you have to know how to do it. Here we suggest only two safe methods that have been tested by many users, which works on both iPhones and Androids. These free methods to check WhatsApp messages of others are really effective, and it is good to know them to defend against them. We remind you that spying on WhatsApp messages is illegal, but nevertheless is good to be aware of those and knowing how to look after yourself against possible attacks.


This method to spy on conversations has certain steps that can appear complex. In reality, there is nothing so complicated. Just follow exactly the steps and everything will be all right. Anyone can use the spying technique of Mac Spoofing.
P.S. The technique of Mac Spoofing works on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones

Before you start…

How does Mac Spoofing work?

Mac Spoofing uses Media Access Control to spy on WhatsApp. It’s a security code consisting of letters and numbers. Each mobile has its own that is different from others. It’s also called a physical address or Ethernet / LAN address.

How use the technique of Mac Spoofing

Let’s see, now, what are the basic steps to see WhatsApp messages of others with this method? Here is what you need:

– Our phone on which we have installed WhatsApp

– The mobile phone of the person you want to spy on (it takes only two minutes)

At this point, the first step is to retrieve the Mac Address of the person you want to spy on, and write it down. The code that we need has a structure like this:  06: B3: 92: F4: 34: AC.

Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address
To find the Mac Address on an Android: go to Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address
 If the phones are connected to the same line Wi-Fi, you can find the Mac Address directly from a PC or Mac:

> On Windows: Click on the computer icon related the connection (at the bottom right next to the date). Click “Open Network and Sharing center”. Go to “Change adapter settings”. Then, click with the right button on the icon of the network card that interests you. Go to “Status”. Click on “details”. The Mac Address matches the code next to “Physical Address”.

> On OS X / Mac (Apple’s operating system, don’t get confused with the Mac Address): Go to System Preferences> Network> Advanced> Hardware. The Mac Address is the first information that you find in the window.

Now you have to follow the following steps:

Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile
Change your Mac Address with the one of the person you want to spy (Many app do this, and we suggest WifiSpoof for iPhone and Busy Box for Android)
Re-install WhatsApp on your phone, being careful to enter the phone number of the person to spy on when required
Ask the activation code via SMS (WARNING! The code will be sent to the phone of the person you want to spy on. The phone must be with us. Write down the code and then delete the message to avoid to be caught in the act)
Re-set the original Mac Address on your phone
If all the steps were performed correctly, WhatsApp will automatically display all the messages, photos and videos of the person you’re spying.

Now… How to defend yourself?

Spying on messages on WhatsApp is not legal, and this site divulges all its information for informational purposes only, denying any responsibility for any illegal use. However, it is always good to think of fending off any ill-intentioned people. To do so, we recommend not give your phone to others and not connecting your smartphone suspicious Wi-Fi network.

#2. Spy on messages from PC with WhatsApp Web

Spy on messages from PC with WhatsApp Web
In 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web service to use the application directly on a PC or Mac. This, however, has also introduced a great risk to the safety of users. Spying on messages, in fact, is very simple. Just take possession of the phone of the person you want to spy on, and access the whatsapp web service site by entering the QrCode. Once logged in, it remains connected until you log out. So, just return the phone and leave the PC turned on (perhaps with the Google Chrome window minimized to avoid being caught). After that moment, every conversation will be displayed on your PC.

This technique is illegal, and it is shown here for informational purposes only. To protect yourself, we recommend not give your phone to others people.