Sunday, 28 May 2017

1000 gb free data

Bonus Data Offer:
Bharti Airtel Gives 1000 GB Extra on Select Broadband Plans.

Bharti Airtel offers 1000GB extra on select broadband plans.
Customers can log into Airtel’s website to check availability of the offer.
The plan will be available for those who have enrolled for Airtel broadband services on or after May 16.

India’s telecom major, Bharti Airtel has started offering 1,000 GB extra on select broadband plans to its customers.

The ‘Bonus’ offer can be availed by new and existing customers who enrolled for Airtel broadband services on or after 16 May, a report by Business Standard said on Friday.

Airtel had tweaked its home broadband plans to include 100% more data with no increase in monthly rentals.

Under the new plans the company said the Rs 899 plan in Delhi will offer 60 GB high speed data compared to 30 GB earlier; while the Rs 1099 plan will now offer 90 GB of high speed data compared to 50 GB earlier.

The Rs 1299 plan now offers 125 GB compared to 75 GB and the Rs 1499 plan offers 160 GB compared to 100 GB.
The company said that it had introduced ‘V-Fiber’ last year for delivering ‘superfast’ broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps. 

Airtel is ramping up on its broadband offers after newcomer Reliance Jio announced testing of its Fibrenet broadband service – JioFibre.
Jio’s home broadband services is expected launch next month with certain speculations on what the plans will be.

The plans under Jio home broadband would last a total of 90 days and would provide a minimum speed of 100Mbps for downloading content.