Sunday, 28 May 2017

Computer tricks that you should know. Part1.

Best computer tricks everyone should know

Get back that tab you accidentally closed.
If you want to get back a tab you closed, just press "Control" (or "Command" on Mac), plus "Shift," plus "T," and it will magically reappear.

Only screenshot the part of the screen you want.
If you only need to screenshot part of the screen, there's a simple way to do it for both Windows and Macs.

For Mac: "Command," plus "Shift," plus "4" brings up the tool. Then you just drag the area you want.

For Windows: Just go to "Start" and then "Snipping Tool."

Easily repeat your last command in Excel.
If you press the F4 button in Excel, it repeats the last command.

Open a link in a new browser tab with one click.
If you click the "middle" button on your mouse, you will open the link in a new browser tab. And if you middle-click an open tab, it will close it.

Make a copy of a file by just dragging it.
All you have to do to make a copy of a file on a Mac is hold the "Alt" key ("Control" if you are using a PC) and then click and drag the file.
This will make a copy that you can drop anywhere you want by un-clicking.

Reverse search an image in Chrome.
In Google Chrome, if you press "S" while you right click on an image it will do a reverse Google search. That means you'll be able to see where that photo is and where it potentially originated.