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IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions Free PDF Download 2017 November Edition

 IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions 2017 November Edition IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions Free PDF Do... thumbnail 1 summary

 IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions 2017 November Edition

IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions Free PDF Download- Click Here pt>

In competitive exams like IBPS, English is a section which maximum students are scared of. Students with poor vocabulary background find English to be a tough section and they hesitate to attempt questions from English. But, English can be an easy section if you incorporate good quality preparation. Parajumbles is a vital topic asked in competitive examinations and you can expect around 5-6 questions from parajumbles in every exam. We bring you para-jumbles questions with answers PDF for IBPS PO, SO to make you excel in your efforts. 

IBPS Exams Para Jumbles Questions with Solutions Free PDF Download- What are Para jumble Questions?

Parajumbles, as the name signifies, deals with jumbling. Parajumbles are ‘jumbled paragraphs’ in which the sentences are not in the right order. We need to arrange the sentences in the right order. When you arrange the sentences in the right order, the passage must turn out to be a meaningful paragraph. Let us make scoring easy by practising with parajumbles practice questions pdf.

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Say A, B and C are sentences in a paragraph. The order of sentences is said to be ABC. In this arrangement-
Statement A should be the perfect starting sentence which wi9ll provide an ideal introduction.
Statements B and C will take the paragraph ahead in a chronological order in which the events are scheduled.
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How to Solve Para jumble Questions- Skills you need to Know

Understand topic of the paragraph:You should have an idea of what is the central idea of the passage. It will help you establish the link between sentences.
Understand flow of information and approach of author:One more pivotal thing to identify is that you need to understand the flow of information in the sentence. You need to identify what exactly the paragraph is trying to convey. To score well in para jumble questions, you need to possess the qualities of a Good Reader.
Tips and Strategies to solve para jumbles

Basically you will have to follow below tips to master questions from this topic-

1: Identify the opening sentence
2: Identify the closing sentence
3: Identify mandatory pairs
Once you identify them, you will have to arrange them with the options provided.

4: Identify transition words
They shift from one idea to another in a paragraph

For example-

again, also , besides, furthermore, as well as, in addition, likewise, moreover, similarly, consequently, hence, otherwise, generally, therefore, thus, as a rule, subsequently, for example, for instance etc.

5: Identify pronoun antecedents
Identify the common pronouns used like ‘she, he, it, her, him, they, your, you etc.’

6: Understand the Chronology
When you understand the chronology, you will be able to arrange the events in a paragraph better.

7: Look for short forms and abbreviations

If you wish to score well in parajumbles, make sure you incorporate a habit of keenly observing sentence structures and paragraphs in your day to day life by reading. When you read a lot,
you will develop an intrinsic sense of how paragraphs are formed and hence would help you to solve these questions.

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